Liberty for NH

sept 13th, republican primary

Jeanne Tofts

We are fortunate to live in one of the freest states in the nation. But as good as that is, we can no longer take it for granted. We have to be diligent to protect our freedoms from being lost.

Today, our state and our nation face some of the greatest challenges we’ve seen in decades. However, with the right solutions and the right leadership, I’m confident they can be overcome.

As your Meredith State Rep, I will fight to protect our liberties and keep New Hampshire the great “Live Free or Die” state we know and love.

vote jeanne tofts for liberty in the republican primary on september 13th.

Where I stand on the issues:


Reckless federal spending has made inflation skyrocket. Consumers are feeling the impact, on everything from gas to groceries. We need to lower taxes and fees, suspend property tax increases and cut spending to help people cope with these tough times.

constitutional rights

Over the past several years our Constitutional rights have been getting tested more and more. This applies especially to our rights of free speech, assembly, religion, petition, and privacy. All of our constitutional rights need to be protected at the state level—from big government, big-tech or any other organization trying to infringe upon them.

Election integrity

We need to clean up voter rolls, stop out-of-state student voting and get rid of the machines (do hand counting) to restore faith in the election process.

budget and taxes

End the state’s acceptance of federal government funding that comes with strings attached. 32% of the NH 2022 budget is funded with federal money.1 And that doesn’t include COVID relief money, which is in the billions. With enough strings, NH becomes a federal puppet.

Lower/eliminate taxes at every level. I also do not support a state sales or income tax.

Reduce/remove regulations that negatively impact small businesses. Stop government subsidies that pick winners and losers.


Limit the governor’s power and authority regarding states of emergency—including the ability to suspend our constitutional rights and shut down businesses.

Recall elected officials who are failing to represent the voters who elected them. Public officials should always have to be accountable, not just every 2 years.


Use a free-market approach to provide more educational choices for families and a lower cost to the taxpayer. Options would include private schools, charter schools, online learning and home schooling. New Hampshire spends an average of $21,843 per pupil every year, yet student proficiency in Math (48%) and English (56%) continue to fall short of the state targets.2 Our children are our future, we need to do better.

medical freedom

Vaccinations should be the choice of the individual, not mandated. People should not be denied access to proven treatments to cure illnesses.

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Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

Thomas Jefferson

About me:

I’ve been married for 33 years, homeschooled our 4 kids and live in Meredith. I am a Christian conservative who believes in limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. I believe in personal responsibility and that we should not look to government to solve all our problems.

I believe Granite Staters can achieve what they set their minds to. The entrepreneurial individual, if left unhindered, will be the solver of our future challenges, not government committees. I believe a smaller, less intrusive government means a better, more prosperous NH. And, I believe our most precious resource are our children, whom we must protect and give the academic freedom to flourish and the instruction to be moral and strong. New Hampshire’s tomorrow relies on our children being upright, steadfast and well educated.

I hope I can count on your support on September 13th in the GOP Primary.

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